Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life and mortality of humans within atheisim, my personal viewpoint.

Here we are, im living, breathing, and 24/7you and i have thoughts racing through our heads.
From conception.
To death.
Thoughts flow and make you and i who we are.
     You have to wonder, as an atheist, how did religion come about? What was it that made us human beings believe that even though we are at the top of the food chain, there is a higher power? It is our thoughts that made us who we are, and it is those same thoughts that brought up probably one of the first things in civilization-- that being GODS. Gods were a comforting thing to prehistoric man, they comforted the confused little monkey and made reasoning for all the things he could see, now he knew he would go to heaven if he were to leave earth.

     Now, one of the more grim things about realizing our mortality (or whatever you like to call it), is that we are merely surviving to reproduce. But that's the humans genetic programming to do so! Theres no one judging us and seeing if we're fit to live in his celestial palace, as nice as that sounds though...

     This does nothing to satisfy our need to know what exactly we are supposed to do here on earth!

     What do i believe? Work on the here and the now, live for your fellow human being and show as much compassion for everyone as possible. You have one life to live, make it one that will go down in the history books as someone people would be proud to talk about.

      I have to ask my question to all of YOU now, from a non religious point of view, what is the meaning of life and mortality?

Thanks for reading my first real post.

Friday, March 30, 2012

I want to ride this so bad

One of my more favorite things to do in my free time is long board. I live in San Diego so hills come by pretty easily. But a truly great hill is a rare find.
Spring Break!!! Finally, spring break is here. Although im not all that sure if im doing much this next week, it should be very relaxing and very fun! Thanks everyone who followed me, i'll be sure to do the same if i already haven't. So what do you plan to do this glorious weekend?